Software Support

Software Support

Computer Network Support

Our personnel can assist some clients, who don\'t have their own IT Department, to work with outside vendors for planning and configuring small networks, computer hardware requirements, security and communication protocols to optimize the Momsoftware environment.

Software Installation and Upgrades

Momsoftware is an application written with PVXPlus, which is one of the most powerful graphical computer business language. Our products are developed locally by experts, tested locally, sold locally and most importantly, supported locally. As such our software works on any computer platform supported by PVXPlus.

We maintain a unique set of programs, help files, and core data files regardless of the network operating system. There are, however, important configuration differences related to the each specific operating system. These differences are basically related  on  peripherals configurations and file access privileges to users/groups.

Our software can be installed on any of the following basic network configurations:

  • Peer-to-Peer networks Client/Server networks like Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Server (with the workstations running ProvideX WindX client UNIX systems with workstations running tel net client software (WindX from ProvideX) Momsoftware can also be installed on a stand-alone Microsoft Windows PC as a personal application.
  • We provide the CD for installation with a standard wizard procedure to be installed on the server. Upgrades are sent to clients on an annual basis at no cost as specified in the Service & Enhancements Agreement.

Assistance with other hardware

Our personnel offer procurement assistance for other peripherals (scanners, meter-readers, and specialized printers), and limited technical support for configuration and connectivity with Momsoftware.