Remote Connections

Remote Connections

To offer exceptional software support to all our clients, we use the option of remote connection. This connection can be use to provide application consultation, remote training as well as accounting consultation related to procedures and practices. There is no charge associated for this connection method. This feature allows us to connect to your computer and provide quality support in real time.


CWS-help is a mini remote control, file transfer, and chat utility based on the popular ultraVNC Server application that has been customized and preconfigured for our users. This application does not require installation and does not make use of the registry. The user just clicks on the shortcut-icon to make a connection. The connection is initiated by the user desktop to allow easy access thru client firewall. It establishes a secure connection.

The connection is initiated by the person that shares his/her desktop: he/she needs to voluntarily click to initiate the connection. The server can only connect to authorize personnel who are predefined. There are no incoming connections and no unattended service connection. If needed CWS-help can use up to 128bit encryption. The encryption level depends on the operating system and on the installed Microsoft Crypto API. CWS-help is automatically and systematically uninstalled when the connection is inactive. This application is available for our clients at no cost to better assist them.

Please click here to download CWS-HELP


Teamviewer is a third party commercial application. It is a very popular and powerful remote control, file transfer, and chat application. Teamviewer complies with international security standards. It supports encryption based on RSA and AES 256 bits. In addition, it generates a Partner ID session and password. The password changes with every start of the software to prevent unauthorized access to a remote system. We provide a limited licensed version of the applications at no cost to our clients.

Please click here to download Teamviewer 3 (Windows XP, Vista, Win 7)