Utility Billing


Our Utility billing application is a state of art solution that tracks and charges a range of utility services such as water, sewer, garbage pick-up, street lighting and storm drainage. The utility billing application allows you to set up, accept deposit, calculate usage, run billing, process billing and maintain your data with smooth processing. This application accepts real time payments, history lookup, bar coding capability, note keeping and much more. It also provides your organization with extensive information and reporting features to provide more accurate business decisions.

The easy to use, yet comprehensive utility billing maintenance application allows you to access customer information, route/service number, location number, late notice information, charges and much more. We provide variety of lookup options for your unique search needs. Our Utility Billing System is designed to be one of the most flexible, customizable and powerful utility billing systems available.

We provide online payments, please click on the link bellow  for live demo:

(Please call us for demo Customer ID and Password)


Integration with other financial applications:

Utility Billing is fully integrated with General Ledger, Cash Management and Accounts Payable. It can also be run independently.

Sample Reports: