Tribal Roll


Tribal Roll contains four primary functions; Member database, Distribution processing, Loan processing, and On Behalf Of Payments tracking. The Member database contains all the information and field-level security/confidentiality functions required by Enrollment Departments, as well as Photo Id integration. Distribution (aka Per Capita) processing allows for the issuing of payments to Members and/or third parties for an effectively unlimited number of taxable and/or non-taxable types of distributions; e.g. gaming proceeds, Elder pension/annuities, Handicapped, Minors Trust, etc.

Loan processing provides for both internally originated loan payments/tracking and tracking third party loans. On Behalf Of Payments tracking captures a history of an unlimited number of payment types, each of which having the option of balance remaining calculations if desired; e.g., utility assistance programs, education-related programs, etc.

Integration with other financial applications:

Tribal Roll Distribution and Loan check processing systems are fully integrated with General Ledger, Cash Management, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. On Behalf Of Payments tracking is integrated with Accounts Payable.

Sample Reports: