Cash Management


Cash Management application enables users to automate the approval and routing processes for payments, schedule future payment dates, as well as pay record, and reconcile bank or credit card transactions. Its sophisticated functionality provides users with the ability to transfer funds between accounts, create credits against and deposits them, draft checks, make credit card payments, create deposit slips, and reconcile accounts.

Our software provides receiving source revenue including: utility bill payments, business license renewals, invoice payments, miscellaneous revenue, donations and receivables. Receipt numbers are automatically assigned to each transaction. All fields in entry process can be predefined or skipped for expedite processing. Our cash management application allows multiple processing and cash drawer reconciliation between departments or locations.

Integration with other financial applications:

Cash Management is fully integrated with General Ledger, Utility Billing, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Business License, Accounts Payable and Purchase Order. It can also be run independently.

Sample Reports: